Md. Shahidul Ahsan

Mr. MD Shahidul Ahsan is a visionary entrepreneur and industrialist in the business field of Bangladesh. He has established himself as an icon in the business sector of the country with a global reputation of being adept in various business sectors. He established Ahsan Group in the year 1986 and as its Chairman has ever since been widely acclaimed for his contributions to the development of the private sector.

He is also the Chairman of AG Property Developments Limited, AG Green Property Developments Limited, AG Agro Industries Limited, AG Hi-Tech Limited, AG Ceramics Industries Limited, AG Plastic & Accessories industries Ltd, AG GP Limited, AG Limited, AG Poly & Fiber Industries Ltd, AG Broilers Limited and DELTA Jute mills Limited.

He is the Proprietor of M/s. Friends Traders, AG Ship Breaking Industries and R.N.S. Corporation.

Apart from his own ventures Mr. MD Shahidul Ahsan is also the Sponsor Director of Mercantile Bank Limited, Mercantile Bank Securities Limited, National Credit Ratings Limited and Swadesh Life Insurance Company Ltd. He is the Sponsor Shareholder of Meghna Bank Limited. He is the Managing Director of the TV channel, “Dhaka Bangla Media & Communication Ltd” (DBC) and Director of “The Daily Observer”, a renowned newspaper in Bangladesh and also the Chairman of and iPay System Limited.

Mr. MD Shahidul Ahsan is also a philanthropist. Coming from humble backgrounds, he has first-hand experienced several struggles and hardships hence, his contributions towards helping the poor and other needy groups in the society is remarkable. He is involved in the development of various educational institutions such as Madrasas and Orphanages in rural areas for rural communities to have access to education.

He believes that hard work and perseverance can allow anyone with a dream to become successful. His leadership in the company acts as a source of inspiration for all the employees. In his own words that he mentions in every conversation with his team:

“ I do not see the people who work for my company as mere employees. I see you all as owners of the company. You need to take ownership of your work as well as the company only then can you help it grow and become successful. This company is as much yours as it is mine.”

Such motivations and aspirations from him have been the pillars in the growth of the several concerns of Ahsan Group.